Cooperative Branding

For brand owners and retailers who are responding to the growing trend of consumer interest in natural products and environmental concerns, Mirel™ can help support your company’s brand image and corporate environmental stewardship programs. The Mirel logo can build brand power through consumer education—empowering consumers to help the earth through their buying decisions.

The Mirel co-branding program is for our customers: brand owners and retailers who want to distinguish their products and shopping environment as a brand with corporate social responsibility. The Mirel logo can be placed on your branded product. For more on our co-branding program, please contact us.

Cooperative Brand Marketing Program May Include:

  • Joint press releases
  • In-store signage
  • Consumer education through online media channels
  • Success stories and case studies
  • Field marketing promotions at public events
  • Industry appearances
  • Use of Mirel logo on packaging and product

These ideas can help businesses deliver consumer education and, along with Mirel, build a corporate reputation for environmental stewardship programs.