Corporate Environmental Responsibility

Corporate environmental responsibility begins with honest communications and ethical business practices that are focused on making the world a safer and more sustainable place to live. Combining bioscience and engineering to bring innovative bioplastics solutions to the world, the Mirel brand strives to be a leader in sustainable business practices that can be tested and trusted.

When you choose Mirel bioplastics, you also choose to align your business with a standard of excellence that is based on a dedication to finding unconventional solutions with a global impact. The result is a solution that not only involves waste reduction, but that also brings more marketability among environmentally conscious consumers.

How Does Corporate America Embrace Corporate Environmental Responsibility?

Mirel resins provide a unique material that biodegrades in certain environments for brand owners to use in their products. This is the high-performance alternative to conventional plastic that industry and environmental advocates are looking for, and it helps American businesses address their global corporate environmental responsibility concerns.