Environmental Values

An Alternative Solution to Plastics in the Environment

The past half-century has been marked by an astounding growth in the use of plastics to provide packaging for safer foods, lighter and more durable appliances, and an increased level of consumer convenience. These advantages have created a global industry, yet the majority of these materials are based upon the extraction and processing of fossil carbon, typically oil and gas. In addition to this reliance on non-renewable source materials, production of traditional plastics has led to the accumulation of persistent plastic waste in the environment and has increased emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Bioplastics are the new technology of the plastics industry. Mirel bioplastics provide an innovative biobased alternative to conventional petroleum-based plastics. Mirel provides brand owners with a unique material that is biodegradable in natural soil and water environments, home compost systems, and industrial compost facilities, where these facilities are available. However, like nearly all other bioplastics and organic matter, Mirel is not designed to biodegrade in landfills. The rate and extent of Mirel’s biodegradability will depend on the the size and shape of the articles made from it.

Biobased and biodegradable bioplastics may, in fact, help to reduce the persistent plastic waste that litters our landscape and threatens marine environments. Through the efforts of brand owners, retailers, and manufacturers, bioplastics can gain widespread adoption in the marketplace and continue to reduce oil dependency.